Restylane Facial Fillers

30 Minutes Session


The Restylane brand family of dermal facial fillers are designed to help restore, enhance, and refresh your skin for an elegant, radiant, more youthful-looking you.

How Facial Fillers Work?

LiveWell Niagara is proud to offer Restylane, a full product line of soft and firm injectable gels made of hyaluronic acid; a substance naturally found in the body that attracts and binds water molecules to add volume. Restylane fillers are formulated with two technologies – NASHATM  and Optimal Balance Technology – creating a broad range of gel textures. This allows our nurse to tailor treatments to your unique facial tissue, for a natural look customized to you. Results are immediate, adding volume to smooth out wrinkles and enhance facial balance for a more youthful, revitalized look.
  • Restore a youthful-looking appearance by filling lines and wrinkles
  • Smooth wrinkles in specific facial areas, such as cheeks, mouth, nose folds, lips, and around the eyes
  • Add volume to areas such as lips and cheeks
  • Enhance facial balance and harmony
  • Refresh and improve the smoothness, elasticity and appearance of your skin for a radiant-looking glow
  • The broad range of Restylane products allows our nurse to custom tailor a treatment program to your individual needs
  • Your treatment will be performed by Nurse Jackie, who has over 35 years of experience
  • Results last from 6 months up to 2 years

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