Professional Acupuncture

The Acupuncture Treatment LIVEWELL offers, is an Addon treatment to any Chiropractic or Naturopathic treatment.

Acupuncture relies on the use of fine round-tip needles to streamline the flow of energy in the body. These needless are made of solid metal and being extremely thin, they do not hurt you and very rarely even cause bleeding.
Our body has energy channels called meridians, which work similar to rivers and supply energy to the organs, muscles and tissues that flush out the metabolic waste materials from inside the body. Disruptions in these energy channels lead to blockages in the flow and may cause health ailments.
At LiveWell Niagara, in Niagara Falls, ON, our acupuncture specialists correct the flow of energy by inserting these needles at various acupuncture points spread across the body.
This can help in treating a number of health ailments and can also combined with prescription drugs to expedite healing from infection, surgery or injury.