This is an Addon Service to our Naturopathic Treatments

Records of cupping therapy date back 3000 BC and it is still used today by many acupuncturists. Chinese cupping therapy relaxes muscles tension and removes toxins from the body.


Chinese vacuum cupping works for pain, tension, trigger points, muscle stiffness, tension, body detox and respiratory problems like coughing, asthma and lung weakness. Cupping therapy can also be used to recover after an illness and as prevention for stress, tension and even insomnia and headaches.

Cupping therapy

Cupping therapy in Chinese Medicine is created by placing a glass or plastic jars on the surface of the body to create a vacuum. 

Cupping therapy often produces circular marks from strong suction by breaking capillaries and bringing blood and toxins to the skin surface and thus promoting blood and energy circulation and reducing pain, tightness, increasing range of motion and detoxing the body as well. 

Give it a try and experience cupping benefits for yourself.

Fire Cupping

After the air is removed (by either air pump or fire) the jars or cups create a powerful suction by stretching the tissue. The vacuum created by suction cups reduces pain and releases tension, increasing energy and blood circulation in the muscles as well as reduces trigger points, loosens up the muscles, and creates a flow of energy in acupuncture meridians and body, and helps organs receive blood and vital energy.

The vacuum inside the cups causes the blood to come to the surface and that is the mechanism of healing. Cupping therapy can leave temporary circular, hickey-type marks, which is a sign of broken capillaries. It is also evidence of toxins being released from the tissue. The quality and intensity of cupping marks determine a patient’s state of health and toxicity in the body. The darker the marks, the stronger the detox process.

Cupping marks serve as an evaluation tool and tell the practitioner what causes blocked energy. Redness means heat, usually due to acute or chronic infection. Black means strong blood stagnation or old blood. Purple men moderate blood stagnation. Blisters on the skin mean there are a lot of toxins and “dampness” in the tissue. If there is no change in the skin color, then the donciditon is caused by energy Qi stagnation and not blood.

The cupping marks can be reduced according to patient’s preferences and in some cases either do not appear or disappear and fade in 1 to 3 days depending on the body type and the strength of the suction.

Cupping therapy has been administered by Acupuncturists and Chinese Medicine Practitioners since ancient times by using heat inside glass or bamboo cups.

Strong cupping marks

Our office uses cupping as a stand alone therapy or as an addition to acupuncture for clients with chronic tension or trigger points or internal problems like coughing, reproductive pains, back pain etc. Cupping is also a good alternative to people with fear or intolerance of acupuncture needles. Stronger effect can be reached if cupping is combined with acupuncture in a single session.

Chinese cupping treatments are great for pains, muscle stiffness and tightness. It can be also a great form of therapy to transition to or combine with acupuncture treatments. One can look at cupping as a form of Chinese physical therapy that relieves tight muscles and balances internal organs.