Back to School Lunch Tips For Busy Families

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The Best Kid Lunch Ideas For School 

Do you operate a busy family with busy, growing children in Niagara Falls? We have the best kid lunch ideas for school, especially for busy moms. Give your kids the energy they need to make it through the day with a healthy lunch.

Studies have shown that if you equip your children with healthy food to eat at school, they will be better prepared to study and learn. Although prepackaged products are easy, they are often loaded with saturated fat, calories and sodium.  

7 Healthy School Lunch Ideas For Kids

The key to making lunches is being organized! Here’s a few ideas for the upcoming daily lunch grind:

1. Invest in a thermos →Chili, stews, casseroles, soups all work well.

2. Fruits and veggies→ Have small separate containers for a dip like bean dips or yogurt

3. Thermos-ready smoothie→A protein and fruit drink to go.  Add orange fish oil for brain power

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4. Mini quiches, pizza roll-up Bento lunch with topping options, tuna salad (try adding avocado, white kidney beans, pureed cauliflower), Mexican-style burrito or quesadilla

5. Turkey & pepper roll-up→bell pepper strips rolled in turkey slices

6. Rainbow chopped side salad of cucumber/carrots/peppers

Kids School Lunch Ideas LiveWellNiagara, Niagara Falls best wellness centre and clinic

7. Snack options:  homemade popcorn, Crunchy Trail Mix(healthy granola/cereal and add seeds/dried fruits), homemade granola bars (can be frozen for later), unsweetened applesauce, corn/bean tortilla Chips(Stirring salsa into canned refried beans), banana and fruit and/or sunbutter roll ups.

Give your kids something to look forward to at lunch with a variety of options they won’t want to trade away!


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Fertility Series- Part 1: Family Planning 101 for the New Year!

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Family Planning 101 for the New Year

If you and your partner are considering starting or expanding your family in the new year then there is no better time for you to think about Preconception Health Care!  

This is your first opportunity to optimize your child’s health.  Positive changes in your health now can boost natural fertility, which can save you months or years of heartache when you are ready to have a baby.  This can also save you thousands of dollars in avoiding expensive fertility procedures.

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Family Planning in Niagara Falls at LiveWellNiagara

Here are 5 key tips to get you started:

1. Reduce Harm.  Stop hormonal birth control 6-12+ months before you want to conceive.  Stop smoking and eliminate/limit alcohol and processed foods.

2. Reduce environmental toxins. Eat certified organic meat and produce as much as possible. Switch to natural skin/hair care products and household cleaners.

3. Detoxify your body 6-12+ months in advance. Work with a qualified practitioner for an individualized detoxification plan.

4. Build your nutrient reserves! The key here is QUALITY foods/supplements.

5. Manage your STRESS!  Incorporate relaxation techniques daily.

Fertility & family planning in Niagara Falls

Preconception Health Care is essential!

Unexplained infertility is on the rise and our high stress lifestyles, nutritionally deficient diets and environmental toxins are to blame. Making lifestyle changes over 6-12 months before conception can ensure you are creating the best possible environment for a baby to grow and thrive.

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